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Curtin University

English services at Curtin

This section lists the main English language development services that are available at Curtin. The locations where they are available are listed in brackets.


The Learning Centre (Bentley) offers academic support programs and is open to all students from any discipline area and any year of study. Online programs on Better Sentences and Better Grammar are designed to support English language development. These services are free of charge.
Phone: 9266 7166

The Faculty of Business and Law provides classes and resources help you identify ways to improve your academic writing, think critically and communicate your ideas more clearly. This includes resources to help you identify ways to improve your academic writing language such as PELA diagnostic testing, SUCCESS and Advanced SUCCESS classes, Chicago 16 referencing workshops and embedded unit support. These services are free of charge to Business and Law and CLS students.

The faculty of Health Sciences (Bentley) provides free embedded and standalone English and academic language development opportunities for UG, PG and HDR Health Sciences students for whom English is an additional language.
Phone: 9266 4917 (Maggie McAlinden)

At Curtin's Malaysia Campus English language support is available through the Learning Centre. Contact Catherine Wee:
Phone: 443 939 extension 3866

For indigenous students who seek language or academic support, the Centre for Aboriginal Studies (CAS) provides assistance through its Bridging course and undergraduate programs. In addition, the Indigenous Students Tutorial Scheme (ITAS) provides Aboriginal students with academic support to supplement their tutorial groups and seminars. Visit the CAS website or find out more about the ITAS.
Phone: 9266 7091

China: DUFE
Hong Kong: UHK SPACE Admiralty Centre
Hong Kong: UHK SPACE CIDP (Accounting)
Hong Kong: UHK SPACE CIDP (Marketing)
Hong Kong: UHK SPACE main campus
Indonesia: Bina Nusantara

Your own Faculty or School will almost certainly offer units that specialise in the development of communication skills and academic study skills in a disciplinary context - your Faculty's academic advisor will provide you with information about these units.

If you are a Curtin student studying at a Curtin campus in Geraldton, Margaret River or Northam, or in China, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Pakistan, Rwanda, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tanzania or Vietnam, you should consult your academic advisor about English language support opportunities.

Units available

Certificates in General Education for Adults (CGEA) (Kalgoorlie) are delivered by lecturers at Curtin VTEC. The CGEA is a literacy and numeracy program that is flexible, offering students choice within specific areas of literacy learning. Students can enrol in one or more units depending on their requirements. These units help to improve the literacy skills required for academic writing, personal communication, community and employment engagement.
Phone: Fee enquiries to Client Services: 9088 6757.
Phone: Course enquiries: 9088 6914
Email: Sandra Chandler at

Additional programs

CHAtS (Conversational Help And Support) helps international students develop their conversational English skills by engaging them in various activities. Hundreds of students come to Curtin every year without previous experience in an English speaking country and have difficulty keeping up with the language. So, through weekly sessions, CHAtS provides volunteer mentors to assist students with a variety of activities, prompting them to talk in English and join in conversation-based games. We simply cannot live without language, so every chance we can give to international students to improve their English will benefit them for the rest of their lives. If you're interested in joining this program, please contact:
Phone: Curtin Volunteers! on 9266 3954

The Mentor Program – as a new Curtin student you will be provided with a student mentor. This person is a senior student in the same course of study as you. You will meet them face-to-face at Orientation, so make sure you go to your school Orientation. Your mentor will contact you via e-mail on a regular basis with information about what is happening in your school and around Curtin. You can also contact them with any questions or problems that you have. This is a great opportunity to engage with other students in your course, and to use your English. Once you have completed a year of your course, you can volunteer to be a mentor on our program! To find out more about us go to our website.
Phone: 9266 9822